[aprssig] Question about FindU

Wed Nov 10 09:19:58 EST 2004

Try this...

Put WIDE2-2 in as your path from home and see if you get digipeated.
Depending on how far away from the digipeater you are, it should work.

Now, with your station that is connected up to the IS...  Did you enter
a validation number to the software so you would be a validated user
when logging onto the server?  Sorry, I'm not familiar with APRSpoint so
I don't know where you would do this, but without a validation number
your packets won't show up on the IS from your direct connection (but
would coming through another I-Gate from your RF packets).

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Blind leading the blind?

Enlighten me....

What should the path be?

Keep in mind that I have not been on APRS in... Well, K4HG said since
July, but I think that was July LAST YEAR maybe, or it was when I turn
the 2m radio on for some reason.


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