[aprssig] Question about FindU

Robbie - WA9INF mwrobertson at comcast.net
Wed Nov 10 08:59:11 EST 2004

Don't get upset please,  some people just don't know how to 
correctively, informatively respond to a serious request for guidance 
and should understand the request completely before shooting from the 
hip, or better yet, don't respond at all if it isn't constructive 
reading for any one, <G>

Every question asked and answered is a learning tool for the rest of us!

Stick around, you must have an interest or you wouldn't have come back 
on board..



J&B Crafts wrote:

> And that is almost EXACTLY what I had, until I started seeing "ECHO" in
> the path...
> Oh, never mind.... 
> Anyone want to buy a MFJ1270CTNC and TR7400A?

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