[aprssig] RS on expedition, but non ham?

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Nov 9 18:57:41 EST 2004

I don't know what Iridium offers for data services, but Orbcomm has some
useful offerings.  The mobile ground station is a 5-watt transmitter
operating at 148 to 150.05 MHz - I think the uplink is 1200 baud, not sure
of the modulation format.  The antenna requirements would be very similar to
PCSAT.  A number of resellers offer AVL services.

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> Wolf, if you are still with us you might look into the Iridium satellite
> phones. They claim:
> "Iridium Voice Services
> If you work, live or travel in areas outside cellular coverage or in areas
> with inadequate landline service, Iridium is for you. Eighty-six percent
> the world's landmass and all of its oceans are in areas with inadequate
> landline service. Iridium addresses these situations by providing coverage
> in all ocean areas, air routes and all landmasses - even the Poles. "
> They claim to have polar coverage. They also have data services. Phones
> about US $650 and up at this time, with airtime in the range of $1.50 per
> minute and varying monthly plan charges. But all of that is quite
> to what cell phones cost a decade ago. Given that this is a commercial
> solution and no special licensing required, it might serve you very well.
> is possible they might also 'sponsor' comunications for your group and
> reduce or absorb charges.
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