[aprssig] Center Frequency of GPS Signal

Rich Garcia k4gps at arrl.net
Tue Nov 9 16:39:32 EST 2004

Been a long time since I have had to look at the GPS signal on a SA, does
anyone know off hand what the Center Freq is ? I kind of remember it to be
somewhere in the 1,450 Mhz range...

I think a local radio station has a harmonic that is a bit stronger than
allowed and is wiping out the GPS band, I need to track that down and be
sure before I make any phone calls. Interesting thing is that the radio
station is literally right on the beach at a very busy local inlet next to
marina's and such, whenever I am in the parking lot or driving past the
station my GPS III will either lose lock or the signal strength will drop to
almost nothing on all birds that I can see.


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