[aprssig] Question about FindU

Steve Dimse k4hg at tapr.org
Tue Nov 9 16:10:49 EST 2004

On 11/9/04 at 3:53 PM J&B Crafts <jbcraft at adelphia.net> sent:

>Where does FindU draw its data?
From all the core servers and a couple other hubs.

>I put my APRS station back on the air, and I am also pulling data off
>the internet (third.aprs.net server), but I have not seen my info show
>up at FindU.
Interesting, three packets have made it to findU from K8YS:

| 345796898 | 20041108184330 |
K8YS>RELAY,KA8ZNY-10,W8MWO*,WIDE,qAS,KC8OOM:testing                          |
K8YS |
| 345796900 | 20041108184330 |
K8YS>RELAY,KA8ZNY-10,W8MWO*,WIDE,qAR,KC8UAO:te?ti??:ALL      :testing{1     |
K8YS |
| 345797692 | 20041108184418 |
K8YS>RELAY,KA8ZNY-10,W8MWO*,WIDE,qAS,KC8OOM:>testing - email to K8YS at K8YS.US |
K8YS |

The last is a status packet, the other two do not seem to fit any APRS format I

I checked APRSworld as well, the last position they have for K8YS was in July
(findU does not keep data that long). With both systems not hearing your recent
position, it seems more likely that the error is on your end...

Steve K4HG

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