[aprssig] DIGI ID rates for UIDIGI's now updated on WEB page

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Nov 9 09:22:50 EST 2004

I made so many typos in my recommendation for the UIDIGI
algorithm, that it is best to re-state it.  Also, I added it to the
main APRS recommendations on:


*** FOR UIDIG ROMS that only have 3 PATH OPTIONS:

#1 DIRECT         every 30 mins starting at 10
#2 VIA WIDE      every 30 mins starting at 20
#3 VIA WIDE2-2 every 60 mins starting at   0

That will get you a local packet every 10 mins, a WIDE 
every 30,  and a WIDE2-2 every hour on the hour.  
The only problem is that once every hour on the halfhour, 
you wont get one.   But 5 out of 6  ain't bad.  And if you are
a local sysop for more than one, and keep their clocks 
reasonably close, then #3 on half the digis you can make 
"at 30" and the other one "at 0" so that the hour-one from 
one digi comes out when the other digi is missing one... etc...

de WB4APR, Bob

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