[aprssig] Re: APRS on expedition, but non ham?

Wolf Hoeller wolf.hoeller at gmx.net
Tue Nov 2 18:28:33 EST 2004

Hi Bob, Scott, Steve, Chris, Ray ..... et al!

Thank you all for your numerous replies on my posting. I think I have to clear 
some things:
This is an offical and serious expedition and no 'funny-sunday-walk'! It is 
invited from official Russia government and consists of two russian and two 
austrian members with a 'backstage' staff for logistic.
My initial posting was about to find a way to get the daily position report in 
a similar way we know from our aprs-ham-system.

I'm not willing to break any national or international laws. A first idea was, 
to give them somthing 'ham-like' on their way. Toys which we use for 
ham-radio operation, but in this case used on comercial comms. 

After some discussion I think, the best way should be to use a GPS receiver 
and feed the positionframes in some kind of satphone. I don't belive that the 
team will have the time to key in the data into the phone by hand. So this 
process as well as the solar recharging process should be automated.

I fear my initial posting was a little confusing - I'm not a native speaker, 
so something was not so clear as I thought  ;-)

de Wolf, oe7ftj

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