[aprssig] APRS on expedition, but non ham?

Steve Dimse k4hg at tapr.org
Mon Nov 1 08:29:20 EST 2004

On 10/31/04 at 11:42 PM Ray McKnight <shortsheep at worldnet.att.net> sent:

>First, I disagree completely.
>You have conveniently omitted one critical word found 
>in the regs:  IMMEDIATELY.  Yes, please take your own advice 
>And go back and carefully read the section on automated control.

The joys of modern technology...searching the regs reveals only two places in
part 97 where "IMMEDIATELY" appears, both are in the section regarding Volunteer
Examiners. Here is 97.109 (d):

(d) When a station is being automatically controlled, the   control operator
need not be at the control point. Only   stations specifically designated
elsewhere in this Part may   be automatically controlled. Automatic control must
cease   upon notification by an EIC that the station is transmitting
improperly or causing harmful interference to other   stations. Automatic
control prior approval of the EIC.   

Besides, even if the requirement was immediate, I could pick up the phone and
call this expedition's satellite phone faster than I could use the remote
features of a KPC-3 to disable a tracker next door.

>Another key issue that's been debated on the SIG many times is
>The role of the control operator.  The fact is that the duties of a control
>operator historically have never been able to be delegated, EXCEPT to
>Another LICENSED HAM with the class of license suitable for the 
>Frequency and type of emission being used.  

Turning a radio OFF is not delegating control op responsibility, and the FCC
clearly allows automatic control with the operator not at the control point.

Steve K4HG

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