[aprssig] Re: UIDIGI vs KPC-3+

Stephen H Smith WA8LMF2 at aol.com
Thu Jul 29 23:58:45 EDT 2004

Dave Kaplan wrote on 7/29/2004, 8:03 PM:

 > Anyone want to help me come up with a "Top 10 List with to use UIDIGI
 > rather than a KPC-3+"
 > Dave

I can't think of TEN reasons but the major ones are:

1)  Cheaper if you can pick up an old MFJ1270 at a swapmeet (I've got 
three for an average of $30 each.)

2)  Custom settings (callsigns, paths, beacon texts, etc) are "frozen in 
stone" in the eprom (can't get lost from power failures, accidental 
resets, etc).

3)  More comprehensive dupe supression and "preemptive" digipeating 

The main downsides to TNC2/ui-digi:

1)  Higher DC power consumption (100s of mA compared to under 10mA for a 
KPC3+). May be relevent if you are trying to run a digi from batteries 
and solar panels in a remote location.

2)  No true DCD that distinguishes data from voice or noise on a channel 
(makes it very difficult to run a TNC2 open squelch, or on a mixed 
voice/data Mic-E repeater -- KPC3 or KAM works perfectly on open squelch).

3)  Can't use the TNC to monitor channel activity; UI-digi doesn't echo 
  received data out the serial port.  If you want to see what the 
UI-digi system is hearing, you have to connect a second TNC with 
conventional firmware in parallel across the receive audio.   (KPC3+ can 
function as a digipeater, and be used with a program like UI-View, 
APRSplus, etc at the same time.)

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