[aprssig] HID, LANn-N and LINKn-N

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jul 27 09:47:58 EDT 2004

>>> John Kraus  7/26/04 10:46:25 PM >>>
> I have the digi set to send this every 10 minutes as a 
>local only packet to inform travelers of the Digi_Ned 
>and its message potential. 

But on a Kenwood,  which represents 85% of all mobiles 
that can receive APRS.  All that will show on the radio's
front panel is the DIGI's CALL and the word DIGI_NED.   
All the rest of the screen will be blank.
 No Posit, 
 No distance
 No direction
 No Icon
 No Power, Height or Gain

So why not turn this "ID" off and instead let the DIGI's 
normal LOCAL 10 minute packet be in APRS POSIT 
format with the comment saying "DIGI_NED" etc?
Then all the other data is there for free...

> I may soon convert the site to a KPC-3+ Ver-9 though. 
>I can't seem to get the rules worked out to support the 
>LANn-N concept.

Thats great!  Depending on where you are, and how
cohesive GA hams are, another possibilty is to support
a LINKn-N along either I-75 or I-85 or I-20.  In fact,
DIGI_NED is only software so if it doesnt already, then
we should get the author to support multiple kinds of
n-N aliases if needed in some areas where interstates
and cities merge...

>I am pushing the LANn-N concept with the GAn-N 
>construct for Georgia on my latest digi KC4ZGQ-3.  
>Widen-N is still supported via trace.

Excellent approach.

73 de John Kraus KC4ZGQ
Georgia DEC for Digital Communications

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