[aprssig] Re: D700 Assistance

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jul 27 09:34:28 EDT 2004

The "0" key has the SPACE.  First press even...  Bob

>>> cgooden at insightbb.com 7/26/04 9:47:28 PM >>>
>I am still having trouble with entering spaces in a message. 
> Am I blind and just don't see the space?

Annother gotcha is when you need to SELECT one of the
POSIT memories or one of the STATUS memories on the
D7.  Its so obvious, we all miss it the first time...  hit the "*"

>So far I love the D700, looks like it is very intuitive once 
>you get the basics down.

And the D7 is almosst identical...

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