[aprssig] APRS Power Point

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jul 26 12:48:30 EDT 2004

Concerning HUGE APRS power point presentations.

I once asked how to find WHICH slides are the biggies 
when trying to cut down on the size of multi-megabyte  
presentation.  Answer from someone was simple.

In Power Point, temporarily save the presentation as a 
.HTML document.  It will then create a FOLDER of
the same name and in there will be everything as
individual files.  Scan down the list and bingo, you 
find the biggies.  Turns out my 22 page 7Meg 
presentation was because of one slide that had an original
photo and one that had an attached audio clip (totally
unrelated to this presentation!).

Doing a screen print into paint and then re-insert
back into a new slide in Power point, (and deleting
the old ones) reduced the presentation from 7 Meg 
down to 1.1 and just perfect for a floppy...

I never could figure out how to remove the attached
sound file from the one slide. so that is why I copied
just the screen print and then remade the slide...


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