[aprssig] "Emergency!" test convention?

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Fri Jul 23 07:05:34 EDT 2004

Hi Charlie,

I'll tell you precisely how I obtained approximately 30 MMSI identifiers. 
After I purchased my M602 I went to the Boat US store in Largo FL I applied for 
my MMSI number and I asked the clerk how I would obtain the MMSI numbers of the 
TOW Boat US vessels in Tampa Bay. After some research he gave me 3 MMSI 

Initially I set my M602 up in my ham shack simply because I had to work out a 
method for supplying my GPS NMEA signal to the M602. I programed the 3 Boat 
US Tow Boats MMSI and attempted to contact them. I had no contact!  The 602 was 
working on voice channels but not on DSC. I thought several times about 
activating the emergency switch, very fortunately I did not! Several days later I 
received my MMSI number typed it in and when I finished I tried to reach the 
Tow Boats again. SURPRISE! it worked! Within the next few days I had called all 
3 and talked with them. They were extremely helpful. 

After a couple of weeks integrating the 602 into my laptop I could see my 
Lat/Lon show up on the 602 screen. I called one of the Tow operators and asked 
him, that now since I had my GPS talking to my VHF how would I go about testing 
to see that it worked and transmitted my posit. He gave the info about keying 
in the local USCG MMSI number, select that number and key the emergency 
switch. I did, it did and it worked!

Over the course of the last 9 months I have accquired the remaining MMSI 
numbers mostly from members of the yacht club, In addition to several marinas in 
the Tampa Bay/Sarasota area.

I belong to the Gulfstar Owners club and slowly all the members are providing 
their MMSI numbers into the club's database.

The integration of the M602, Icom M800 SSB, The CAP'N navigation program, 
HFAPRS with the Garmin GPS unit, as well as the boat's autopilot is a complex 
story, but it's all working now.

73 de Jim

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