[aprssig] "Emergency!" test convention?

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Wed Jul 21 17:42:20 EDT 2004

<< I don't know if there are any more Mic-E status codes available,>>
 Again, if you don't use the real code--you haven't really tested the

Given that APRS equipment is normally linked either to the internet or GPS,
and has access to hundreds of atomic clocks from there, you're right about a
smaller time window being possible. Once a week...is going to be simply
impossible for some testers though. What, Monday? Can't, gotta work late.
Who's off, or on schedule, any more?<G>

It is nice to know OpenTrack will accomodate a simulated emergency
mode--that's a nice idea. Still, you can't test a "blackbox" in the mode,
and then have total assurance the box will work the same way in another
mode. There's always a change of slipping up on storing a configuration
change, etc.

But speaking of accurate time being available, that OS we all love to hate
requires computers to be within 15 seconds of USNO time or it won't allow
them to be updated online. That's the common new standard required for
Kerberos authentication schemes. NT has always provided for internet time
standards, XP has it built in much more elegantly now. And of course even a
$15 Timex usually keeps time within ten seconds a month. I'd gladly settle
for a two minute quiet period, at the top of the hour. My watches can
maintain that time slot tolerance for most of a year without resetting. One
minute off at my end, one minute off at someone else's, and we're still in
the two minute slot.<G>

Something to consider is that having an authorized test period may actually
reduce the incredible number of false emeergency calls that are in the
system now. If ops could readily and easily TEST their systems...maybe
they'd take care of them?

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