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Stephen H. Smith WA8LMF2 at aol.com
Wed Jul 21 04:25:22 EDT 2004

Daron J. Wilson wrote on 7/18/2004, 4:27 PM:

 >>> needs to be receiving a PL tone to use it. But the industry says
 >>> they receive CTCSS...meaning PL. Or vice versa.

 > Uh...which whole industry are you referring to?  I've been in the
 >'whole industry' for some time and never seen this.  Enlighten me
 > please

The only place I have seen this convention used is Japanese "Ham 
English" in the setup menus of Japanese ham gear.

Many of the scrollable configuration menus displayable on the front 
panel of these radios have severely limited length of character strings, 
preventing them from displaying "CTCSS- RX" or "PL Rec" or "PL Xmit". 
Instead, they use "PL" or "Tone" to denote transmit tone freq or 
function on/off,   and "CTCSS" or "TS" (Tone Squelch) to denote receive 
tone or function on/off.

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