[aprssig] ARISS Satgates

Michael Blair michaelblair at telefonica.net.pe
Tue Jul 20 19:13:12 EDT 2004


I am in Lima, Peru and could put one up once I figure out how. I've got a
D700 in a shoebox here, (no car anymore since I was transferred here) and a
spare 500Mhz computer laying about. Would Xastir be able to use the D700?

Michael Blair
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> Aside from some Sparc related issues, I've had the Igate up with no
> problems all this time.  It's survived for a year or better with just
> routine Xastir upgrades.  As for Satgating, I have no idea.
> I can definitely vouch for the Igate abilities of Xastir though.  The
> people in the area are not afraid to express how they REALLY feel when
> things don't work right.  There is a major amount of D700/D7's in this
> area, definitely demonstrating an interest in APRS.  This past year they
> also sent a Tinytrak payload down with the regional canoe race.  They're a
> good bunch.
> --Droo, K1XVM
> At 12:18 PM 7/20/2004, Curt, WE7U wrote:
> >Since I don't have a full-time internet connection I have no direct
> >experience with igating long-term.
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