[aprssig] APRSdos 866 released

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jul 20 16:55:04 EDT 2004

A new APRSdos version APRS866.zip is posted on tapr.

It is a minor update, but it does fix the JUST command
so that it is much easier on the DIGIPATH page to
very easily find the users of certain paths.  For example,
the command JUST WIDE7 will list all those stations
using WIDE7-x.  

Other useful commands for watching network performance
besides the JUST-WIDEx, are to do JUST APxxx to find
all users of APRS software version APxxxx.  Also look at
the heard page to see how many wasteful ID packets are
being sent per hour and look on the LIST-STATUS page
to see some of them marked with the TNC-ID label.

The TNC-ID label is overwritten if a real status is later 
received, so you might want to erase memory with the
FILE-NEW command to start capturing over again.
Wait 10 minutes and you should have most of them
captured.  Elmer your fellow hams to turn of HID if
they have it on...

To see what's new in each version, always look at the 

ENjoy, Bob

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