[aprssig] Re: Radio Recommendation

DG2JW dg2jw at privateasylum.com
Mon Jul 19 15:47:21 EDT 2004

Youre right in your assumption.TNC-2 sorry.
Ok I forgot the TNC (which I had laying around like most hams do) :) guilty
Other than that it really is complete. Im not saying its a great way to do
it all, but your primary concern was your budget. and so far this has been
the cheaperst way I have found to do it.

Sorry about missing the TNC (youre right bob no sound card in palmIII os)
It still is a nice alterniative and yes integrated is better in many cases.
I think the only way I purchase another D7 or future model of it would be if
it was integratied with GPS.

For conviniece its not a waste of money. (Invest in better batteries and

Actually again in an effort to be fare.
I often run my D7 with Palm or Ipaq attached to it. This is the next best
solution as it allows you to get moving maps and other software that is much
more comfortable than the D7´s own tiny winy window.

There are lots of ways one can work but for sure the one thing I can say
without doubt is there are many more ways than just using the D7.
I found that expanding the D7 with a pda was the best way to get all the
functionality I wanted. Actually with Pocket APRS its quite awesome :)


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