[aprssig] East Coast COASTn-N network

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jul 19 13:54:31 EDT 2004

Work has begun on an Ocean City Maryland digi
that will implement some of the new n-N paradigm.

1) This new digi will support a linear LINKn-N system along
the East coast named COASTn-N.  This will allow boaters 
traveling along the coast to use COASTn-N and have 
their packets propogate N hops linearly along the coast 
and not QRM -any- hops very far inland.

Linear systems of digis can use N hops and only generate
2*N copies since each digi in the string only hears
its neighbors in the string.  This is much better than
4^Nth power for UIFLOOD digis that QRM out in all 
directions when usually only one direction is
needed for some travelers..   There are no dupes.

Other linear strings are encouraged such as along 
heaviliy traveled cross country interstate routes, for example.

2)  This digi will support WIDEn-N packets using the
UITRACE function.  This way, all flooded packets
are traceable to their source.  HOPS greater than
3 hops are discouraged.  2 hops are generally 

3)  This digi will also support the universal APRS
initial-hop-paths of RELAY and WIDE and also
the three states of MD, VA and DE

Here are the DIGI setups for the COASTn-N
and WIDEn-N settings:

cmd: HID OFF

We are using BText as a STATUS packlet to test the 
COASTn-N network once an hour until we see it further

cmd: BText  >Testing COASTn-N LINK system. 
cmd: UNPROTO APN383 via COAST3-3

Next, It will beacon its POSIT id every 10 minutes 
direct and every 20 minutes for one hop and every 
40 minutes 2 hops and every 160 minutes, 3 hops.

LT 1 !38xx.xxNN76xx.xxW#New R-W-COAST digi. Use 3 hops or less
LT 2 !38xx.xxNN76xx.xxW#New R-W-COAST digi. Use 3 hops or less
LT 3 !38xx.xxNN76xx.xxW#New R-W-COAST digi. Use 3 hops or less
LT 4 !38xx.xxNN76xx.xxW#New R-W-COAST digi. Use 3 hops or less

BLT 1    EVERY 00:20:00 START 00:00:00
BLT 2    EVERY 00:40:00 START 00:10:00
BLT 3    EVERY 00:80:00 START 00:30:00
BLT 4    EVERY 02:40:00 START 00:70:00

LTP 1    APN383 
LTP 3    APN383 VIA WIDE2-2
LTP 4    APN383 VIA WIDE3-3

Notice that we have dropped TRACE as a generic
hop path.  We also removed TRACEn-N as a separate
function because we are now using that for WIDEn-N.
And strongly discouraging anything above WIDE3-3
while recommending WIDE2-2 for routine use.

To see all the benefits of this kind of routing, please
review :


de Wb4APR, Bob

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