[aprssig] Re: Radio Recommendation

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jul 19 10:26:49 EDT 2004

>>> mckeehan 7/19/04 9:51:19 AM >>>
> At a cost of around $350, the Kenwood offers the two 
> hardware components in one integrated package; 
>transceiver and TNC.... The bad points are that you 
>can not upgrade individual components without 
>upgrading the entire unit.... (if APRS evolves)...

Let me assure everyone, that since 55% of all stations on the
air are using non-easily upgraded firmware in their stations
(TNC Trackers, HUDs, Peet Bros WX, DIGIs, and Kenwoods)
there is no justification for APRS to make any moves 
that would obsolete the users of their existing hardware.
In fact, it is the stability of the APRS spec that has made
this phenomenal growth possible.  Even APRS1.1 to
be published next week tries to maintain compatibilty with
existing firmware where possible.

Yes, APRS evolves, but not in a manner to obsolete
existing users.  APRS only defines -how- information  is
transmitted between users, -not- WHAT that information is.
APRS has "evolved" tremendously since 1992 yet  in 
all that time, it has still never obsoleted any of the
thousands  of TNC's, Trackers, DIGIs, WX stations out there.

So there should not be any concern that APRS will
make any "evolutionary" changes which will obsolete
the -majority- of its users.   Doing so would be extremely
short sighted...

de WB4APR, Bob

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