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  PL is encoding a tone or tone squelch or CTS or CTCSS on some radios.  Check your instruction manual for info on Tones or PLs and it may clear up some confusion.  When a PL is used on a repeater or on simplex to close its/your squelch, a transmitter must transmit to you the correct tone to open your squelch to allow you to listen to that transmission.  Same for you to open another hams/repeater's squelch control if they have their receiver set for Tone Squelch mode.  You need to transmit a tone to open their receiver.


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    Could someone please tell me what this means, especially the "PL" as referred to by Bob B.'s development of Voice Alert. Sorry if the answer is in plain sight but I just can't find it in the manuals. Tnx, 73 de Rod,VE1BSK.


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