[aprssig] Object question

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Wed Dec 29 23:18:53 EST 2004

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> He already got the answer.  They're objects posted on the firenet
> system (not gated to the APRS INET) and represent registered telpac
> nodes & locations.  Evidently Jacob registered one, and the script
> that generates the objects picked it up.

That's correct.  The Telpac Nodes are using WLNK-3 as the owner.  If they 
are gated to RF by an Igate, as in Jacob's case, his callsign of the TelPac 
Node he registered is shown in the comment field as the callsign for the 
TelPac Node, not the owner of the packet or the object.  They will not gate 
back to the APRS-IS, that is why Findu does not see them.

Happy Holidays!


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