[aprssig] NetNodes, the future

Chris Rose kb8uih at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 29 13:00:05 EST 2004

  This NETgate idea is another way to set up an Igate?  An Igate is an 
internet gate.  Or is this an autmatic system that you connect to with a 
direct entry of one call sign?  I am getting so confused with the "fixes" 
and am not absorbing them readily.  I am sorry about that.  I'm in an area 
that doesn't have enough coverage and am wanting to set up more RF digis.  I 
am not in a situation that many are where there are too many digis or too 
many operators.  There is one digi SE of me and a low profile digi in my 
county but none N, NE, W or SW in bordering counties.  There was one west of 
me but disappeared about a year ago.



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  >>>> HamLists at ametx.com 12/29/04 7:08:54 AM >>>
  >>APRS has prospered... Because I do not have to configure
  >>(one configuration works almost universally (RELAY,WIDE...)
  >>By simply addressing a message to the remote station (no path
  >>settings required).
  > Agree completely but ONLY for 1 hop or so on a non-congested
  > channel.  Message exchange is a POINT-to-POINT process that
  > requires acknowledgment and other than occassional one-liners is
  > just grossly inefficient on an APRS system.
  > HAM communications needs a good point-to-point system for
  > file and paragraph transfer,  It is *impossible* to do this on APRS
  > and APRS was not designed to do this.  Thus we need
  > CONNECTED mode connectivity on another channel to augment
  > APRS.
  > Thus, why not a universal global NETgate system based
  > on the very viable and transparent NetROM/TheNET system?
  > Seems a slam-dunk to me...
  >>(Do we set up for I35, I30, I20, or I45 linking?
  >> What about US75?
  >>Hmmm.  Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.)
  > The decision there is *very simple*.  The new LINKn-N
  > system was not designed for "linking", and cant possibly
  > be used for linking because of simple basics of packet
  > radio.
  > 1) The decision is simple.  If you are driving along I-35, then
  > use 35LNKn-N.
  > 2) Linking in this context is a multi-hop end-to-end system which
  > everyone in packet knows cannot work beyond about 1 or 2
  > hops even on a clear channel. (for end-to-end messaging (acks) etc)...
  > 3) APRS was desiged for one-to-many on a shared  channel.
  > It was never designed and cannot possibly handle end-to-end
  > point-to-point connected traffic (messages, even one liners on
  > APRS are like "connected" traffic because of acks).
  > Thus there is only one "decision" and it is trivial:
  > 1) If you are sending brief info to everyone use APRS
  > 2) If you need to pass files or traffic or paragraphs
  >   to someone, then look on your APRS map or on your
  >   radio's front panel list for the call and freq of the nearby
  >   NETgate and connect to it, and then connect to
  >   anyone on the planet..
  > 3) I just cannot imagine anything simpler... (KISS)
  > Bob, WB4APR

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