[aprssig] Re: More thoughts on (was) Connected Packet now UPS

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at jnos.org
Wed Dec 29 02:37:58 EST 2004

> Bill, are you suggesting this actually WORKS?
> I have a 300 watt inverter (500 surge), and it
> Draws OVER 30 AMPS.  No car alternator will put
> Out enough current to keep up with the drain at idle.
> Are you willing to put a brick on your gas pedal and
> Idle at 3,000 RPM to get enough current?
> I KNOW, I tried it, and within an hour or two my little
> 300-watt inverter will kill the battery WHILE THE CAR IS
> IDLING!  And 300 watts isn't very much to work with.
> For any real extended operation a generator is absolutely
> Critical.

Depends on how much current you need.  I'm planning to keep
my laptops, 12v B&W TV, camp lanterns and basic wifi
router/modem on line.    A full up computer with monitor
pulls around 100 W.   My minimal setup is much less then that.

Some day I'll have some nice generators, until then I have some
heavy cables with power pole connectors that reach the driveway.

(There - I said it.  Started the last power pole thread of the year.   Good
thing I didn't mention how I put power poles on a 50' AC extension cord.  :-)   )


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