[aprssig] More thoughts on (was) Connected Packet

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Dec 28 12:45:16 EST 2004

Since finding what exists on packet is a very time-consuming
and local process, and there is no simple way to look at it all, 
here is what I suggest:

If you find a working linked Packet NODE system in your area:
1) Post an object with the node name
2) be sure to use the BBS APRS symbol  /B (or better P&)
3) Include the frequency in the comment text

This way, as our knowledge grows, we can query
FINDU for all "/B" systems and instantly get a view
of the usable APRS back-channel "BBS system"

I just did it and there are currenlty about 60.
But my suspicion is that these are all personal BBS's

CHANGE:  ah therefore, maybe chosing the gateway
icon with a "P" overlay would be the best way to show
a Packet Gateway on APRS...


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