[aprssig] Having trouble with APRS setup

John Denison kd5you at houston.rr.com
Mon Dec 27 21:52:29 EST 2004

Ok Thank you Mark for the help. I'm really excited about getting my APRS 
into the mobile.

btw I formatted my last email wrong and part of it was a reply to Keith 
VE7GDH. Sorry for the confusion.



Mark Earle wrote:

> Keith,
> AI5TX-2 has moved somewhat lower and east of downtown - it's not where 
> the beacon would have you believe. We think there is a receiver issue. 
> I am in the middle of a move, and KB5OVJ hasn't yet had time to get by 
> the new site with test gear and verify what is going on. (We'll get 
> the "real" coordinates in at some point - everyone involved with the 
> digi has been extremely busy).

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