[aprssig] Rush Limbaugh talking about APRS / GPS

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Are you saying the amateurs invented AVL?  Because I'm pretty sure the
military had that general idea in mind when they created the NAVSTAR GPS
system.  The earliest example of a satellite-based AVL-type system I can
find is the MOSAIC system, proposed by Raytheon for the USAF in early 1960.
That was for ICBM-carrying railcars.

What Bob and company did was a clever use of existing hardware, plus a lot
of hard work, but the concept of connecting a GPS receiver to a radio is
pretty obvious to anyone who's ever used both.

It'd be different if the cellular carriers were using systems developed by
hams, but they're not.  The systems and protocols are their own, and with
stuff like Assisted GPS they've done a lot to improve performance and reduce
hardware cost.


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The fellow filling in for Rush today, right this moment is talking about the
cultural implications of commercial GPS logging and wireless applications
used as "teenager trackers", "spouse trackers", and the intrusiveness when
it is being used without the knowledge of others to snoop on them.

Too bad those hams who invented the concept aren't getting any royalties for
all the non-amateur applications that are spring up all over the place like

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