[aprssig] D700 & USB

Mark A. Lewis mark at siliconjunkie.net
Fri Dec 24 16:29:36 EST 2004

So, why do it? Sounds like by doing this you are intentionally crippling
the rig with no gain. 

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> > >
> > > Also:  Is there a way to put APRS on band B
> > (right) and have ALL my
> > memories
> > > available on band A(not just VHF)?  I have it the
> > other way around, but
> > for
> > > some odd reason would rather have APRS on the B
> > band, and access my other
> > > memory channels (UHF AND VHF) on the A band.
> > >

You can set band B as the data band - works great I use this for my APRS

Band A does not receive UHF so you are limited to a double vhf rig with
that configuration

Richard Holder

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