[aprssig] D700 & USB

Ken Cechura kc9umr at freqradio.com
Fri Dec 24 14:47:27 EST 2004


I'm baaaaccckkk..  It's been a while since I left the list(or quit
monitoring, when I graduated and abandoned my umr.edu email account).




I just bought a D700 (wooowww.) more on that later, im sure.    I also
bought a laptop recently, and, like so many other new laptops, it lacks a
real serial port.  I have 2 USB to serial adaptors, but both give me a
serial port of Com5 or higher.  Kenwood's wonderful software only supports


Anyone had any luck fixing this somehow?  I downloaded Link700, and have
been playing with it a little..   Might end up buying it, but was wondering
if the free solution works.  


Also:  Is there a way to put APRS on band B (right) and have ALL my memories
available on band A(not just VHF)?  I have it the other way around, but for
some odd reason would rather have APRS on the B band, and access my other
memory channels (UHF AND VHF) on the A band.




Ken, KC9UMR.


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