[aprssig] USA Map of new n-N paradigm

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Dec 20 12:28:02 EST 2004

The BEST thing one can do for their local network is to 
take the time to LOOK at what is going on.  

I just did and fully 50% of all the packets on the air are from 
just a tiny small handful of users.  And most of these are
legacy systems runnning in auto for the last 8 years that
no one has noticed the world has changed:

WX stations running 5 min WIDE,WIDE,TRACE,TRACE
DIGIS running 10m beacons to WIDE5-5

APRSdos has the HEARD page where you can clearly see
the number of packets per hour per station.  If they are
close to you, then remember that that counts all dupes too.
But if they are more than a digi away from you and you
see high counts. then something is wrong that should 
be fixed.

I'm seeing 40 to 60 packets per hour from these digis and
WX stations (24/7) this is equivalent to 20 or so other
stations.  Just look their Email up on www.qrz.com and
send them a POLITE email suggesting that they take a
look at their rates and paths relative to the effort being
made to improve local reliability on APRS...


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