[aprssig] balloon path +144.99

Joe Della Barba joe at dellabarba.com
Mon Dec 20 07:51:07 EST 2004

If I am reading the raw data correctly, and I freely admit I might not be, 
these balloons are using RELAY,WIDE,WIDE for a path. When I operate 
airmobile I use just WIDE for a path and sometimes I winder if I am QRMing 
everyone doing that. Is RELAY,WIDE,WIDE really a good idea from 90,000 feet?
Not trying to start a flame war, there may be a reason for this I am not 
aware of.
BTW, I used the 144.99 input when in Annapolis last weekend with good 
results. Does anyone else use this? What equipment is needed to set one of 
these atlernate inputs up? 

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