[aprssig] Gain reference in PHG?

Tapio Sokura oh2kku at iki.fi
Thu Dec 16 01:42:26 EST 2004

Robert Bruninga wrote:
> Lets make it dBd
> Ill add that clarification to the 1.01 spec.

Ok. I just noticed that there is an errata for the 1.0.1 specification 
on your web pages (http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/aprs/errata.html), 
but it is not linked from http://www.tapr.org/tapr/html/Faprswg.html 
that contains the 1.01 specification. A link might be in order so those 
who are looking for the specification also get informed about the 
existence of an errata.


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