[aprssig] Digipeater or cross band repeater?

Jason Winningham jdw at eng.uah.edu
Wed Dec 15 14:39:00 EST 2004

> As I see it I could set the mobile in the truck to digipeat my signal 
> or I
> could set it up as a cross band repeater and beacon to it on 440.  The
> radios involved are a TM-D700 and a TH-D7G.

I'd keep the HT on 144.39 and let the D700 act as a RELAY digi on 
144.39.  That way your HT has more chances of getting a packet repeated 
if there happens to be another digi in the area.

I plan on doing something like setting up one of the PMs on my D700 to 
act as a 144.39 digi so I can easily flip between mobile digipeater and 
normal operation.


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