[aprssig] Re: bad PHG, or lots of big towers?

Al Wolfe awolfe at Route24.net
Tue Dec 14 13:06:55 EST 2004

     For many years the world's tallest structure was the KVLY-TV tower near 
Mayville, ND, listed at 2063 AGL. It's about 40 miles north of Fargo. I 
stopped by there last August and took some pictures. It's BIG! There is a 
600 foot tower near the big one that looks kind of small.
    There was a tower back in the 60's, that may have been a few feet taller 
than the Mayville tower, that was distroyed by a too curious helicopter 
pilot, also in eastern North Dakota.
    The Warsaw radio mast near Warsaw, Poland was 2115 feet tall but it 
collapsed in 1991, so the Mayville tower is presently the tallest structure 
of any kind anywhere.

Al, K9SI 

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