[aprssig] Re: Balloon Altitude (was Clipped menus inXastirandother ?'s)

Larry Cerney lcerney at viawest.net
Mon Dec 13 12:48:55 EST 2004

Hi Steve,

O.K. I understand all you are saying.  I checked the raw data from 1400
hours ago and it appears to be the data from my balloon flight yesterday.
So, it looks to me like somewhere along the line the date stamping has an
error in it.

A couple of raw data packets do not include a date stamp only raw time from
the GPS module.

K0ANI-11>APRS,qAR,K0YG-7:@170640h3847.29N/10358.91WO040/014/A=060112 Ft.
K0ANI-11>APRS,qAR,K0YG-7:@170730h3847.36N/10358.80WO101/015/A=061109 Ft.
K0ANI-11>APRS,qAR,K0YG-7:@170820h3847.36N/10358.68WO134/015/A=062011 Ft.

So it seems that FindU might have been receiving data with a date stamp 1400
hours slow, possibly from K0YG-7.

No big deal now that I understand why I couldn't see yesterdays data with

Thanks again.

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." 
--Albert Einstein 

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On 12/13/04 at 10:15 AM Larry Cerney <lcerney at viawest.net> sent:

>I still don't understand why I can only get a good graph with last=1400
>hours and I get an error message with last=48 hours.
As I explained, as I write this, k0ani-11 was last recieved on the APRS IS
hours ago! So last=48 returns no points. This cgi is still incomplete, when
have a chance rather than returning nothing it will return an image
an error message like this one:

but the fact is, if there is no data, there can be no graph, and any search
k0ani-11 where last is less than 1393 returns no data. By tomorrow, last
need to be 1417 to show a graph. As I stated, I think somehow you got the
mistaken impression that last was relative to the last time the station
transmitted, but like all cgis on findU, last is relative to the time the
database is searched.

Steve K4HG

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