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Ken Collins g4fip at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Dec 12 11:20:07 EST 2004

In article 
<r02010400-1036-90C6EB264C5711D995ED000393DB395A@[]>, Steve 
Dimse <k4hg at tapr.org> writes
>Roger certainly had the right to disposition his source code any way he 
>wished, but I can't pretend to understand it. findU is specifically 
>provided for in my will, I certain hope it will continue to thrive 
>should I meet an untimely end.

Thanks for understanding Steve.

Roger went into hospital for what was supposed to be a routine operation 
and came out with a death sentence, Because of the intense pain he was 
also on a high level of dia-morphine.

At that time he drew a line under UI-View. During the next few months he 
was persuaded to try and produce a Freeware version of the program but 
because of his gradually deteriorating condition he was unable to do so. 
He was also persuaded to release the registration programs for UI-View32 
and WinPack. With sufficient time he might have been persuaded to 
release the UI-View source code but unfortunately time did run out.

Towards the end his priority was directed towards his family. Who can 
blame him for that?

Ken Collins - G4FIP
E-mail:- g4fip at tiscali.co.uk

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