[aprssig] Clipped menus in Xastir and other ?'s

John Kraus jfkraus3 at cox.net
Sat Dec 11 18:30:39 EST 2004

Pardon the post here but I have been tying to post this on the Xastir list 
for two days.  It just keeps rejecting all of my posts although I am 
getting a few from that list.

  Recipient: <xastir at xastir.org>
     Reason:    Service unavailable; Sender address [jfkraus3 at cox.net] 
blocked using dsn.rfc-ignorant.org; Not supporting null originator (DSN)

Got no idea how to fix this.


I just installed MEPIS and did the Xastir install.  I am seeing the leading 
letters on menu items clipped off.

I have posted two screen shots here:


Any thoughts on this.

I am planning to put some time into getting this running and learning 
it   With the future of UI-View looking bleak I want to be able to offer an 
alternative to the Georgia ARES community.

Here are my key questions:

Can Xastir function as a bi-directional IGATE?

How do I setup to gate only weather warnings and objects?

Can Xastir function as a Digipeater?

Also I remember someone on the APRSSIG mentioning a *.zip file with 
shapefile maps that could be installed then indexed.  I can't find a link 
on the Xastir site that works.  I want to be able to setup a box quickly 
with a functional set of maps for use when it is not connected to the 
internet.  This rules out the download options.  Most of these boxes will 
only be running Xastir and will have plenty of space on the hard drive.  I 
also have about 12-15 1-4GB hard drives that I can load with maps then 
install in other systems.

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