[aprssig] Re: D700A gps interface problem

Curt Mills archer at eskimo.com
Sat Dec 11 11:11:57 EST 2004

On Sat, 11 Dec 2004, Andrew Rich wrote:

> $GPRMC,081836,A,3751.65,S,14507.36,E,000.0,360.0,130998,011.3,E*62
> $GPRMC,081836.00,A,3751.65,S,14507.36,E,0.0,360.0,130998,011.3,E*62

> But the main thing is that the position information stays the same between brands.

You'll see between 1 and 4 digits after the decimal point for the
position fields.  1 is uncommon though, but it's out there.

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