[aprssig] KCP3's and UIDIGI Limits

dick at kb7zva.com dick at kb7zva.com
Fri Dec 10 19:37:27 EST 2004

Kantronics (KPC3+) allows only 4 call signs for use in UIDIGI.


Whenever those are heard, they digipeat once as Bob said. Our
local digipeater uses Ui-View32 and can use as many alias(es) as
needed. Makes a very nice low-level digi. I'm sure other digi
programs aren't limited, I just don't know which ones.


UIFLOOD and UITRACE are disabled at 2 major digipeaters,
one located at over 6000', sitting just outside a major
metro area.

Our LOAD went from 140 in 10 minutes to 40. RF
stations heard dropped from 180 to 50. Local mobiles are using
RELAY,WIDE and fixed stations are running WIDE only. The
local Igate is handling all city to city traffic just fine.

IMHO, I can't think of a reason to convert WIDE7-7's to anything,
other than letting them get digipeated once, if at all.

I suppose we just got tired of hearing how we should
'educate' users on the correct paths to use. After years of
trying it really didn't make much difference. Hard to believe
a mobile can drive around my ALOHA circle and be seen almost
everywhere using RELAY,WIDE. My circle is 180 miles. Before, the
saturation was so bad everyone thought they needed 50+ watts
and endless WIDE's to get anywhere. Digis were too busy talking
to each other <g>.

Now if we can just get a few more digiowners to make these
changes. It works and it's your local network.

Happy Holiday's

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