[aprssig] digined

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Fri Dec 10 13:51:53 EST 2004

Has anyone got an INI file for digined that shows how to do WIDEn-n digipeating?
 I'm interested in doing something like this:
IN      OUT
--      ---
wide7-7 wide3-2
wide7-6 wide3-1
wide7-5 wide3-0
wide7-4 no digipeat
wide7-3 no digipeat
wide7-2 no digipeat
wide7-1 no digipeat
wide7-0 no digipeat

Much the same for wide6-x, wide5-x, wide4-x.  Wide3-x and Wide2-2 should behave

Is there a limit to using WIDEn-n, LINKn-n, and other N-N systems?  I'm
interested in possibly 4 or 5 aliases... WIDEn-n, SCn-n, I20LNKn-n, I95LNKn-n
and possibly a few others.

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