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Doug Ferrell, KD4MOJ kd4moj at kd4moj.org
Sun Dec 5 09:47:44 EST 2004


	 Stable, very stable! And the best maps around. It doesn't have alot of
advanced features like Xastir does and some others but for an easy to use
client with nice up to date maps, you can't beat it. Michael has a deal with
Microsoft and you can get both AprsPoint and Microsoft MapPoint for a great

  Each client has it's pros and cons, you'll have to play with each one to
find the one that you want. I use APrsDOS, AprsDATA, WinAPRS, UI-View and
Xastir and of course AprsPoint. For the Windows Realm, I mainly use
AprsPoint for it's simplicity, stability and the best maps around. If you
have a Linux installation and are familiar with it, then Xastir is probably
the most powerful software around. It does support the most map formats but
visually the MS MP2002/2004 are by far the best looking (if that is what you

	Just my 2cents thrown in....


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Anyone using APRSPoint that would care to give an opinion about how it stack
up against other Windows APRS programs?

Ralph KC2RLM

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