[aprssig] Annual NAVY APRS Football Run

Ramon F. Kolb ramon at ieee.org
Fri Dec 3 12:44:27 EST 2004

Yes... I just tried this wap-site:


I tried the "Landmarks" and the B&W maps, they worked for wb4apr-9. The
color map didn't work for some reason. I used my Blackberry 7100t on the
T-Mobile network.

--Ramon KX1T
Boston, MA, USA

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Does FINDU or another site have any "condensed"
access to FINDU positions so that it is easy/trivial to find out where
someone is using the tiny web page viewer in their Cell phone?

I have no experience with CellPhone web pages

Id be happy with just the text line saying:

"FBALL is 3.5 mi NE of Hartford"

or something like that...


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