[aprssig] Integrating APRS and WinLink

Ralph Milnes ralphmilnes at patmedia.net
Tue Aug 31 11:18:21 EDT 2004

To the APRS and WL2K Sigs

I wonder if anyone has some thoughts on how best to integrate APRS with the
WinLink system, in particular for the WinLink emergency communications

It seems to me that APRS would be an excellent system for identifying
WinLink's TelPac nodes, PMBOs, and supporting digipeaters that are
operational in an emergency. With APRS you could "see" which node and
digipeaters you needed to reach to get to a functioning WinLink gateway.

Of course, you don't want WinLink traffic on 144.39 mHz, so it would seem
that you would want the APRS info on your local area's TelPac frequency. For
example, TelPac nodes could beacon their POSIT and interested station could
"see" it  with an APRS program. TelPac nodes have a feature to periodically
beacon an announcement, so it seems that you could format that as an APRS
POSIT. (If this seems like a good idea, perhaps KN6KB could eventually add
something to the TelPac program to facilitate entering an APRS POSIT-like
beacon -- or even a way to somehow automatically beacon signal that the
node's internet connection is also working .. or was last working "xx"
minutes ago.)

Since almost all the APRS programs hook to AGWPE, as do  the TelPac and
PacLink programs, there should be no problem in sharing the TNC or sound

And all WinLink nodes or supporting digipeaters could be programmed to
support APRS-style "alias" digipeating of POSITS. Even non-UIDIGI TNCs and
sound card-only AGWPE stations can now provide UIDIGI functions with the new
AGW UI-DIGI program http://www.raag.org/sv2agw/agwuidigi.zip

But maybe I'm too far down the path of implementation. What I really want to
hear is what might be the best overall strategy, if any, for using APRS to
support WinLink.

Ralph Milnes KC2RLM 

For those who want more on WinLink's Emergency Comm modules see:

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