[aprssig] RE: [ui-view] UI-View/Roger Tribute Update #4 (*256*)

dick at kb7zva.com dick at kb7zva.com
Sat Aug 28 11:03:46 EDT 2004

The donation event is absolutely worthy, but I see one major obstacle to
obtain the requested outcome in a representative way, namely getting all
UI-View users (IGates) informed. Not all are members of this group, not all
read their e-mail that frequently, and from what I can see from other
APRS-servers, loads of users are connected, but not to the Tier 2.

As for a count of UI-View users in general, at least registered, does anyone
have a number? Not that this would count for the donation, but to have an
idea in general how wide-spread this application really is?



Hans and Rich,

There are over 3000 Ui-View list members. We suspect that their are many more that have been exposed to the program. When Roger Barker became ill, his wish was to no longer charge for the program and it became freeware. Instead, make a voluntary donation to a Cancer Research program of your choice. A couple of hams have been assigned the task of handling the free registrations and are very busy. Just looking around the APRS-IS, Ui-View by far is the number one APRS application used by the most hams. More than half of the total connects at Tier 2 are Ui-View users and growing every day.

Our 'Tribute to Roger' message has hit the major lists. Still, it is going to be impossible to reach everyone we can. The Tier 2 'Tribute' will end on Sept. 1st at 00:00z. At that time, we will tally up the total connects at Tier 2 and present Roger with a check.  

For the Tribute, the original intent at Tier 2 was to count only the connects to port 14580 (where users could customize their own filtered feeds from the servers)... We now will count all Ui-View connects to any port at the Tier 2 servers.  

If you would like to help... We have constructed several good URL's, that explain what's going on. It is suggested to point users to these sites:




Dick, KB7ZVA
Tier 2

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