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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Aug 27 15:01:23 EDT 2004

Not on this subject, but I am going to the regional
conference tomorrow and will discuss it there...

>>> wb4gcs at amsat.org 8/27/04 2:44:57 PM >>>
Have you talked with Bo Lindfors, CHFNAVMARCORMARS?  If not, I can get

you in tough with him.

wb4gcs at amsat.org 

Robert Bruninga wrote:

>In the  past, I have tried to find a way to involve APRS
>in the Army/Navy/AF MARS  volunteer groups so that 
>we can use APRS to facilitate those volunteer efforts.
>I think I now have a workable solution... If you are a 
>MARS member, active or inactive, please send me a 
>note OFF SIG... thanks.
>In the past, there were several problems with implementing
>APRS in support of MARS:
>  * Lack of critical mass to build a MARS only APRS system
>  * Lack of Frequencies
>  * Lack of a mission or purpose
>  * Cross service ID issues (Amateur-X-MARS)
>But as MARS moves more into emergency comms in 
>support of home land security, the mission is becoming
>better defined and so I think it is time to look at this again.
>I want to be able to see a MAP of MARS assets and
>stations, their movement and activity.  But since many
>of the individual HAMS we see every day on APRS are 
>also volunteers in the MARS organizations, all we need
>is a way to identify them.
>Previously, I had suggested that we encourage MARS members 
>to add something like NMARS or AMARS to their Position 
>Comment text so that we could see who are the MARS people
>on our APRS maps.  But mingling amateur calls and MARS calls 
>is not a good idea...
>SO, TODAY's idea is to simply build an off-line cross reference
>file that MARS members can use that will take the existing
>APRS map and then cross reference and on demand, only
>display LOCALLY on that PC, the MARS assets...
>Soo, I need to build a list to seed this idea and
>also to see if there are enough APRS MARS members
>to make the effort worthwhile...
>de WB4APR, Bob
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