[aprssig] D700 microphone cable

Kevin Brown - KC0CZI kc0czi at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 26 22:58:39 EDT 2004

Yes you can use a Cat 5 / 568b wired cable.   Ferrite cores were not
necessary for the couple of installations I've done, but you might keep them
handy just in case.    I've not used the couplers, but instead ran a new
cable (cat5) and put a normal RJ45 wall jack into a faceplate, to which I
connect the microphone.   Did the same with the display connections as well.

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I don't like having the microphone on the Kenwood D700 attached 
to the base unit.  I am considering using a CAT5 network cable and 
an RJ45 line coupler to mount the microphone up on the dash.  Has 
anyone done this? Were there any problems?

Is the connector on the microphone for the D700 an RJ45 
connector?  Will ferrite cores be necessary on each end?

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