[aprssig] How register UI-VIEW 32 now???

Rick Tilton n4wyk at charter.net
Tue Aug 24 14:45:15 EDT 2004

I know that Roger is sick and have read about it and the event for
September 1st.  Can anyone please tell me how to get a registration
number? I was under the impression that someone maybe helping him with
this? I have been to the UI-view site but the registration page states
"Because of illness, I am currently unable to accept any new
registrations for UI-View or WinPack. Please try again in a few days
time."  I am sorry and maybe this is a duplicate question but any
information would be appreciated. I hope it is not impossible at this

Tnx & 73, 

Rick Tilton
Foothills of NC APRS and Satellite Website

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