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James Merritt jamesem_99 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 23 13:13:50 EDT 2004


You might try a new project that came out recently. 
It is gpstk, a software development kit for use with
gps data.  I don't know what all it can do since I
just found out about it. According to their website,
gpstk.sourceforge.net, it is a GPS Toolkit with a
comprehensive library and set of utilities for GPS
research, analysis, and advanced algorithms.

It may not do what you want, but it looks like it
could be interesting to work with as long as you are a
c++ programmer.  Oh, and it works on Linux and Windows
(using Cygwin or Microsoft Visual C++ .NET)

Thought it might be interesting to check into, hope
this helps and have a great day!

73's James E. Merritt N0SRB

--- "Curt, WE7U" <archer at eskimo.com> wrote:

> On Sun, 22 Aug 2004, William McKeehan wrote:
> > Would it be possible to take the output from an
> APRS-IS stream, filtered to a
> > single station, transform the information that
> flows out into a NMEA stream
> > that could then be redirected to Delorme (via
> something like Lantronix
> > Redirector) to allow the real-time trackig of a
> single station on Delorme
> > software?
> >
> > In an ideal world, this program would be written
> to act like a GPS unit so
> > Delorme could download waypoints (other APRS
> objects/stations), track, etc
> > from it.
> This would be very easy to do on Linux/*BSD/MacOSX. 
> Don't know if
> it would be as easy on Windows.
> Several Unix programs (including Xastir) can already
> use "gpsd",
> which allows you to connect to a GPS server, which
> can be running on
> the same machine or another.  It provides a socket
> to connect to in
> order to get the GPS data.
> It'd be easy to simulate gpsd functionality or to
> put simulated GPS
> data onto a PTY port which other software could then
> connect to as
> if it were a standard serial port.  The latter is
> what you're
> talking about.
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