[aprssig] D700/D7 Programming

J. Moen (K0ZXU/6) jmm at jwmoen.com
Sat Aug 21 18:09:57 EDT 2004

Good advice.  I played with the Demo version of Link700 and was able to cut
and paste memories.

When I get the time, I'm planning to write a simple VB program to share
memories among the free Kenwood memory control programs (in my case
MCP-2000, MCP-D700 and MCP-D7G).    The formats of the saved files are not
identical, but they appear to be quite similar and reformatting from one to
the other should not be difficult.  I was hoping to have found such a
utility on the internet, but the closest is the pay-for Link700, and the
cost is reasonable.

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> I invested in the Link700 shareware program, which has D7 & D700 support
> (plus a few others) in the one package. It allows you to have separate
> profiles for the two radios, but copy n' paste between them. It's the
> painful way to do what you want, but the software is a wee bit klunky.
> Still, probably a good bet for $35.
> Learn more, and get the demo version from:
> http://www.wa3hrl.com/link700/index.html
> Brad.
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> > After enjoying my D700 I just got a D7.  Anyone have a simple way of
> cloning
> > a D7 from a D700 or copy from the D700 programming file to a D7 file for
> > latter up loading ??   I realize that the D700 has more frequency range
> but
> > I really don't need 220 or 1296 in my portable.  Thanks
> > WA2WWK
> > Ron
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