[aprssig] D700/D7 Programming

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Fri Aug 20 21:38:36 EDT 2004

I invested in the Link700 shareware program, which has D7 & D700 support
(plus a few others) in the one package. It allows you to have separate
profiles for the two radios, but copy n' paste between them. It's the least
painful way to do what you want, but the software is a wee bit klunky.
Still, probably a good bet for $35.

Learn more, and get the demo version from:


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> After enjoying my D700 I just got a D7.  Anyone have a simple way of
> a D7 from a D700 or copy from the D700 programming file to a D7 file for
> latter up loading ??   I realize that the D700 has more frequency range
> I really don't need 220 or 1296 in my portable.  Thanks
> Ron

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